Dylan still in for me

Dylan’s songs made a profound impression on millions, including me. They helped me understand the world as we know it. After listening to his songs, suddenly everything seemed somewhat clear, as if a jeep’s headlights were switched on behind me as I groped through waist-high grassland on a pitch dark night. What I like most about his songs is their universality; the human story and how he drapes it with poetry from where you draw solace. When Blowin In The Wind entered my ears, the tune settled in almost instantly. Later, when I came to know that he had written it as a protest song during America’s civil rights movement, the words became clearer. The song made me think what he was trying to convey, and when I pondered over it, nothing except respect and admiration flowed for the troubadour. I felt the power of words and its impact on me. Dylan’s lyrics definitely established my belief that poems can change the world. His insight into life was truthful in its bittersweetness. It Ain’t Me Babe is a beautiful outpouring of introspection and self-discovery, Times They Are A Changin is prophetic as well as insightful. In fact, I feel the song can be used as constitutional principles for life itself.

Bob Dylan's original lyrics for The Times They Are a-Changin', 1963.
Bob Dylan’s original lyrics for The Times They Are a-Changin’, 1963.


The melancholy in his voice amplified the words and you could not help but listen to every word he uttered from his nicotine layered lips. Everybody Must Get Stoned talks to anyone who thinks that the world had wronged them, or even otherwise, humorously admit the hurt of being belittled in life, insulating oneself in the comfort of dope. Anyway, I looked at it, I found life in poetry.

From the 60s until now, he has managed to come up with songs that the world must heed to.


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